Liz Boulter

Liz is a multi-dimensional and inter-species communicator, chantress, vibrational alchemist, clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki master and natural born psychic. She offers bespoke sessions of ancestral communication and healing, soul readings and spiritual mentoring. Liz is dedicated to helping you to connect with your own personal soul journey, supporting you to consciously return to the power of your own infinite wisdom.

Bespoke service of

  • Ancestral Work
  • Soul Readings
  • Bach Flower
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual Mentoring

Ancestral Work

Liz offers an opportunity for a deep honouring of your ancestral stories through powerful conscious connection. Ancestral sessions with Liz are an empowering healing experience with the potential to release inherited ancestral trauma, allowing you to be liberated of narratives that no longer serve you or your ancestral lineage.

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Soul Readings

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Liz offers both face to face and distant (email) soul readings. By connecting with your loved ones, ancestors, guides, ascended beings and your own soul vibration Liz brings you wisdom and insight into your soul’s journey. You are welcome to ask questions and have a particular area of focus or you can allow for whatever comes through.

Bach Flower Remedies

Liz has been intuitively working with flower remedies for decades and will be soon able to offer this powerful healing tool as part of her work. This can be arranged as a face to face consultation or via email, phone or zoom – with your bespoke remedy posted to an address of your choice.

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Liz provides clinical hypnotherapy to help you with a variety of issues and conditions. There is also the opportunity to learn simple self-hypnosis techniques to support and empower you independently. Liz also offers sessions for ‘past life’ regression, ‘inner child’ work and ancestral communication. You can access hypnotherapy with Liz as a stand-alone ‘treatment’ or as a part of other sessions.

Spiritual Mentoring

Liz offers a course of mentoring sessions to support you to change and transform your life. Sessions can be face to face, phone, email or zoom. The sessions are paced for your own unique development – allowing you to assimilate and process any shifts. These sessions will support you to develop a conscious connection with your own intuition and soul wisdom.

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